Find and kill running process in Linux

There are a several ways to kill process in linux, all of them are very straightforward, you can choose which ways that suitable with you, Because sometime you just need kill process that using a certain port or just kill application directly. on this article, I will only discuss 3 of them.  Be wisely, just stopping process that you know and do not be carelessly, stopping process that related to operating system could mess up your day 🙂

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Find a files that containing particular text in Linux

Once upon a time, we want to find a files that just containing particular text. Unfortunately, we have 10000 files inside our folder. Should we check one by one? yes, you should. Until you find a better way to solve this issue :). For me, it was happened when I stored my configuration files into one folder, there are about 50+ files and I just want to know where are my files that I need. I do not want to ruined my time with opening files one by one. After a little googling, I found a better way to solve this. You can just using :

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Could not adding new VPN in Linux Mint

Currently I am using Linux Mint 14 and Lubuntu 12.10, as we know, both of them using ubuntu as ancestor. I do not know this problem would raised if we using other linux distribution or no. I do not know what I had to do before, because I guess the problem is on the OS (silly guess, haha). but with a little surfing with my friend, I know the solution is quite simple. We just have to install these package from repository :

$ sudo apt-get install network-manager-pptp-gnome

for some vpn, they need (note : for me, above installation is enough)

$sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn-gnome

$sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn

enjoy! 😀



JAXB Tutorial

JAXB stands for Java Architecture for XML Bindings. In a nutshell, JAXB used for convert Java Object to XML and vice versa. We called it marshalling to convert Java object to XML and unmarshalling to convert XML to Java object. JAXB bundled in Java 1.6++, so we do not need another external libraries (but sometimes I loved to adding testing and logging framework). First, you have to know the technology that I used in this tutorial are :

  1. Maven 3
  2. TestNG (for unit test)
  3. commons-io

Some of you would frown and said “hmm, why you put commons-io on this tutorial?”. Simple, I used it in unit-test to get xml file from resource folder and convert to String, I know it can be done with the classic inputstream ways. but remember to not reinventing the wheel 🙂

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Menyimpan, mengambil dan membagi file kapanpun dan dimanapun dengan DropBox

Di zaman yang serba mobile seperti sekarang membuat kita harus mempunyai storage yang cukup besar sebagai penampungan file-file yang sering digunakan, banyak sekali storage online yang beredar, salah satunya dropbox yang saya gunakan, saya menggunakan dropbox karena sinkronisasi file antar device menjadi jauh lebih mudah.

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